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While not everyone has access to a dentist, most Indians have a mobile phone. Dentists for Me is a free online consultation service that connects people with leading dentists, using just their phone. To make this possible, we have partnered with over 150+ dentists across the country, to provide the best oral care to anyone and everyone.

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How it works?

You can connect with a dentist with a few simple clicks, or simply call us on 1800-266-2336 and we’ll help you book a free dental appointment. It's that easy!

  • Sign up using your phone, tablet or any device
  • Connect with an expert
  • Schedule an appointment or connect instantly

Why Sign Up?

  • Get free oral check-ups
  • Find details of dentists near you
  • Consult with the dentist of your choice using audio or video calling options
  • Ask your queries, and get them answered by experts using chat messages
  • Connect instantly or schedule an appointment, at your convenience